Monday, July 2, 2007


As the Toronto International Film Festival gets closer, I'm starting to realize this blog's focus will be shifting. It's not exactly my desire, well maybe it is a little, but I tend to become infected with the festival buzz as it grows louder, and with each announcement or press release, I get the urge to share my excitement with the world. Whether the causal reader is going to attend the festval or not, hopefully you will appreciate the info on upcoming films and their treck from festival screenings to the art houses near you. So again, expect to find weekly announcements on new titles, details on changes to programs or ticketing procedures, TIFF events, TIFF locations, as well as general TIFF info as it becomes available. I will also do my best to keep you in the loop with my festival experience from ticketing, to the actual film screenings, and if all goes well, possibly share some recommendations. Feel free to contact me or post them here if you have any festival topics, questions or just want a place to add your $.02.

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