Monday, July 16, 2007

Recommended: RESCUE DAWN

It's easy to get caught up in the blockbuster frenzy occurring this summer; trilogies, wizards and robots are converging on what will surely be one of the biggest box office seasons in years. But if you're looking for an escape from the marketing vehicles we're now calling movies, take a stroll down to your local arthouse to see this years potential Best Actor nominee Christain Bale in the prisoner of war pic RESCUE DAWN. Opening July 27th, Bale gives yet another self-sacrificing performance as Dieter Dengler, a U.S. fighter pilot who is shot down and captured in Laos during the early stages of the Vietnam War. The film is a real-life story that was previously documented by the director in the 1997 documentary LITTLE DIETER NEEDS TO FLY. It’s also worth noting that Steve Zahn, while known for his comedic roles as a stoner friend or goofy side-kick, also turns in a devastating portrait of a fragile POW joining Deiter in his desperate attempt to escape. It's a frightening, rousing, and ultimately moving experience at the movies. Who needs a hundred million dollar blockbuster when you have this? What else could you want?

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