Thursday, July 26, 2007

DVD releases for 7/24

A couple TIFF06 selections are debuting this week on DVD. THE HOST is available in a standard issue single disc as well as the two-disc Collector's Edition. It's a fantastic film that's become an international sensation and will hopefully find a new audience here on DVD. I've gushed over the film in a previous posting, so all I will say is: If you have not seen it yet, rent/buy it now.

The other release is RENAISSANCE, which was featured in last year's newly formed Vanguard program, and is created in what Colin Geddes labeled "revolutionary high-tech animation" in striking black and white. It also includes a talented voice cast of Daniel Craig and Catherine McCormack just to name a few. Netflix summarizes it best; "It's 2054 Paris, and a megacorporation called Avalon dominates contemporary life and sells eternal youth and beauty to the citizenry in this animated sci-fi thriller. When promising young Avalon scientist Ilona Tasuiev is kidnapped, the company hires top detective Barthélémy Karas (voiced by Daniel Craig) to find her. As he investigates, Karas discovers others on the hunt for Tasuiev -- along with a trail of witnesses that keep turning up dead."

Other notable DVD releases this week include:


The Number 23

Raise the Red Lantern

Hard Boiled Collector's Edition

Les Enfants Terribles

The Monster Squad

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