Friday, August 31, 2007

Lucky box #66

It appears that out of 75 total boxes this year, box #66 was selected. This is a significant increase, considering there were only 40 boxes total last year. Now, if you have submitted your selections remotely, it's my understanding that you can log onto the TIFF website, and under the "Buy Now" section, you can click "Check Order Status", then "View Detail", and it will reveal the selections you were granted. Otherwise, an email will be sent out sometime Monday with your list.


bishop said...

Thanks for all the useful information - I've found it all re-assuring as I go through my first go-round at TIFF this year. A question though, if you did an Advance Order, do they let you know what films you've gotten tickets to previous to picking them up? I'll probably catch a few screening outside of the 10 pack I purchased, and I'd hate to buy a ticket to a screening if it was used as a second choice.

blutz said...

Hi bishop,
Glad you like the blog. Yes, the festival sends out an email notification with a list of the films you received. It will probably show up on Monday if not before. But, it's always possible that the email is missed or simply not sent, so call the box office if you don't receive anything before Tuesday.
I do the same thing with two 10 packs, everything rides on those selections. Hope this helps. If you have additional questions, just let me know.

Kevin said...

I got my film list and didn't get any Visa screening room choices I picked =/. Instead they gave me alot of morning movie times, which were my second choices.

In the end I only got 5/10 of my choices which were for the more odd movies or movies in the morning times.

I have two movies that overlap in time. Can I exchange it?

I was in around box 19-20.

blutz said...

Hi Kevin,
I believe if you take the tickets to the box office, the may exchange them for you. I did this once a few years ago, but am not sure what their policies are now. It looks like you and I may be in the same boat. My FedEx order was received at 10:30 AM and was probably in box 55 or so, based on what others have reported. I have yet to hear from the festival and nothing has been posted on my Order Status page. I had a number of Visa Screening Room selections, so I'm guessing I will not receive those either.