Thursday, August 16, 2007

2 unofficial TIFF additions

In addition to yesterday's big TIFF update, there were a few additional inclusions that apparently did not make the press release. The Toronto Star has reported that 2 additional films will be joining the line-up this year. Although not "official" since it was not published by the Toronto International Film Festival Group, it at least provides a good idea of what will be included in next week's big announcement. From Martin Knelman at the Toronto Star, the titles are:

The Second Wind (Deuxième souffle): Gets a Gala slot. It's French director Alain Corneau's remake of a 1966 crime thriller about a gangster who has escaped from jail but needs to pull off one more robbery.

The Edge of Heaven (directed by Fatih Akin): It won the prize at Cannes for best script. It's about a university professor in Germany who is less than thrilled when his immigrant father chooses a prostitute from Turkey as his new girlfriend. But then they form an unlikely bond.

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