Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unofficial additions to the Toronto Film Festival

As we patiently wait for the Toronto International Film Festival's sporadic press releases to announce new additions to this year's lineup, many other sources have already let their inclusion into the festival slip. Below is an unofficial list of titles that have already stated their acceptance to this year's festival.

Keep in mind this is unofficial, as there have been no official press releases from the festival regarding these titles (yet), and as many programmers have already noted, just because a producer/director or cast member says they'll be at TIFF, that does not necessarily guarantee their presence. Hopefully this will wet your appetite as we wait for the next official press release:

· DOG POUND (dir. Kim Chapiron)

· HEIRAN ( dir. Shalizeh Arefpur)

· HOUSE OF BOYS (dir. Jean-Claude Schlim)

· JANALA (dir. Buddhadev Dasgupta) in the Masters Program

· THE JAPANESE WIFE (dir. Aparna Sen)

· WHIP IT (dir. Drew Barrymore)


· UP IN THE AIR (dir. Jason Reitman)

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